Hello and welcome to our friendly website, today we would like to share with you an article with a video tutorial about crocheting this super cute and interesting dinosaur applique. The actual name of this dinosaur is brontosaurus but you can call him Tony. The video tutorial that is presented in the article is really good and if you follow the steps that are presented there, trust me you are going to get the result that will amaze not only you but everyone who sees the finished crochet Tony. Of course you can crochet the dinosaur applique the color you want, but lets agree that the green colors looks really good on it, I think that the grey will not disappoint us neither.

For this pattern you will need green, light green, black and white 4 ply crochet cotton. A crochet hook, I used a 1.25mm hook. Scissors, thread to sew the eye and legs on the dinosaur. White thread to embroider a dot on the eye. A sewing needle and a darning needle to weave in ends. The finished size will be 14cm x 16cm (5.5” x 6.5”) for the larger dinosaur, using 8 ply wool. The medium dinosaur will be 10cm x 10cm (4” x 4”) when using 4 ply crochet cotton.

Share the article with your friends and other who might like the crochet dinosaur applique too. Enjoy and have a great day.

Click here to view the instructions

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