Hello and welcome to design-birdy, today we would love to share with you an article about crocheting this beautiful poinsettia flower flower that is presented on the photos. The poinsettia flowers are also know as the Christmas flower, that is actually what inspired me to make an article about it, I have been searching for a good tutorial for several hours and hope you are going to enjoy the chosen one

Crochet flowers are one of the most popular crochet projects out there and we do our best to share with you some good interesting and beautiful posts with the instructions about them, I think that this is a kind of a flower that should be crocheted using red and green yarn, of course you can crochet it using different colors, it all depends on you and your opinion, but red and green are most related colors to the Christmas holiday, so view the tutorial and follow it’s steps very carefully. Enjoy and good luck

Click here to view the tutorial

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