Now, starting slightly to the right of the upper left hand corner, begin attaching your bias tape to the back side


Sew all the way around until about 1/2 inch before you reach the other end.


Now, flip the bias tape up and around to the front side of the hot pad and sew the bias tape closed.


Once you sew all the way around the hot pad, pull the bias tape straight towards you and keep sewing it closed, right off the hot pad.


Continue sewing the bias tape closed for about 5 inches.  Cut off the rest of the bias tape.


Fold the end of the bias tape around to the back of the hot pad and tuck the raw end towards the hot pad.


Turn the hot pad over and place the tucked under end of the bias tape right onto the edge of the hot pad.  Keep the end lined up with the bias tape edge to blend it in.


Sew the end down to the hot pad.


Then rotate it slightly and sew a few stitches along this edge of the bias tape loop (shown below), to keep it from flapping around.




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