Today Design Birdy presents you hot pads tutorial , which are hand pockets too.Everyone will agree , that hot pads are very needful and useful thing, so why don’t you try to make them for yourself?in this post we will hsow you steb-by-step tutorial ,that makes your job easier, so follow this steps:

SUPPLIES (for one hot pad):

  • 1/4 yard woven cotton fabric
  • 1/4 yard Insul-fleece
  • 1/2-inch double fold Bias Tape, a little less than 1 1/2 yards
  • sewing supplies

First, cut out a square piece of paper that is 8×8 inches.  Then use the curved edge of a cup or bowl to trace onto a corner of the paper square to round it off and then cut it off.  Use that curve to trace around the other 3 corners and cut those off as well.

Use the paper pattern to cut out 2 curved squares from your fabric.


Then fold the top edge of your square down a third (2 2/3 inch).  Then use the remaining 2/3rds as another pattern piece and cut out 2 of this shape as well.


Then cut 2 pieces of Insul-fleece from the whole square shape and 1 piece of Insul-fleece of the 2/3 pattern shape.


Now, layer your 4 whole square shape pieces with one of the fabric pieces facing down, then 2 layers of Insul-fleece, and then the other fabric piece facing up.


Then layer the 2/3rd pieces the same way, except there’s only one piece of Insul-fleece.


Now, baste stitch around the perimeter of each stack of fabrics, about 1/4 inch from the raw edge, combining the layers all together


The fabrics will probably shift slightly while sewing….so trim off any extra edges to be sure the sides remain even.


Now, sandwich a piece of bias tape along the top straight edge of the 2/3rds pieces of fabric


The place the 2/3rds piece on top of the full piece, matching up the two bottom curved corners.


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