Hey there dear friends and welcome to our friendly blog. Today we are going to talk about crocheting this gorgeous project the round-base goody bag, that is presented on the photos.

There have been many different project about the things that are very handy for our users, most of them were the clothes but let’s not forget about the projects like this one. We have shared an article about crochet bag earlier on design-birdy.com but this one is totally different from the previous one.

Of course you are given an opportunity to crochet it any color you want, it depends on your taste I think that I am going to crochet a green one. So view the instructions and follow the steps that are presented there.

Share the article with your friends too, I am sure that they are going to love it as much as you do, tell them about your impressions and opinion. Enjoy the article and good luck

View the instructions via link below:

Crochet Round Base Goody Bag

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