Hello once again and welcome to design-birdy.com Today we would like to talk about crocheting this super cute baby booties with a bow that you can see on the photos. I have mentioned and not once that baby projects are my favorite so when I find something as cute as these booties I can’t stand to make an article about it and so here we are.

Of course, as all the articles on design-birdy.com, this article contains instructions that will guide you and help crochet the baby booties with bow like this on your own very fast and easy, if you take a quick look at the video tutorial that is presented in the article you will understand what I mean by saying “very fast and very easy” I love the colors that are shown on the photos I can imagine these booties with an orange bow too and I think that they will look great too. So that means that we are free to choose the colors we like the most.

View the instructions and follow the steps that are presented there. Enjoy the article and share it with your friends and other who might enjoy this project too, tell them about your opinion and impressions, good luck.

Click for the tutorial

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