Crochet Plaid Bow Tie Free Instructions

Welcome to Today we would like to talk about crocheting these super cute plaid bow ties that are presented on the photos. To crochet the plaid bow tie like this we will need some kind of an instructions that will guide us and help us get the right result.

The pattern that is presented in the article is great, it shows you every single, even the smallest steps, that we need to know and follow to crochet the plaid bow tie. I am sure that children will look amazing with this plaid bow tie, I think that it’s unisex so both, boys and girls can wear it, but if you disagree with me you can crochet it as a headband for your girl, all of this you can find in the pattern so I think that you won’t face any kind of a problem or misunderstanding.

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View Pattern Following the Link:

Crochet Plaid Bow Tie

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