Lip Balm Cozy Keyring

I was simply amazed when I saw the photos of this adorable lip balm keyring and I hope that many of you my dear friends and visitors will feel the same.

I love the look of this project it can be a great decoration and a great bag or box for saving jewellery or such things, I think that this is a kind of a project that we should crochet first and then give a meaning to it. I love that it is striped I even love the colors that are presented on the photos, but I think that many other two color combinations would look great on this cutest lip balm keyring.

The video tutorial is great and very easy to follow, it shows you every little step and detail that you need to know to crochet a lip balm keyring like this. So view the tutorial grab the crochet ingredients and start working, I am sure the result will be amazing. Enjoy

Click here to view the tutorial

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