Crochet Valentines Pompom Heart Pillow

It’s almost valentines day and I decided to make an article about something that would be related with the holiday and plus it would be interesting project separated from the valentines. Welcome to and today we would like to share with you this gorgeous project the crochet valentines pompom heart pillow, that you can see on the photos.  Yes I said that it is related to the valentines day, to be honest everything that includes the heart in it can be related to the valentines, but this is a pillow that can be a great gift for the valentines day and of course it can become a good part of your couch too. The video tutorial is great it shows you every little step you need to know to get the result just like on the photos. so view the instructions and start crocheting trust me the result will be amazing. Enjoy the article and have a nice day

Click here to view the tutorial

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